Photo: T. Ellison, 2015.

Photo by Mohamad Matri in Unsplash

Because Sharing is Caring.

Call to Trauma Informed Hosts in True Crime Reporting

  • In this story, you will find this is written from my perspective and mine alone. This is only my opinion. This can be considered a rather controversial article as I identify content creators that I find to be practicing unethically in which they are sharing stories of trauma. Evidence will…

A Time Capsule of Letters to My Little Girl.

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Now That Everyone is Watching….

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To My Luv,

Dating Game Serial Killer Dead at 77

Jill Barcomb, Image via Murderpedia

Hillsboro County Judge Sentences O’Neal to Three Life…

Taylor Ellison

(Master) Social Worker by Trade, Mother to One Bébé and Freelance Writer for Hire. Arizona State University Alumna: B.A. Secondary Education (History) & MSW.

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